Just don’t ask us to name a boat…

imageAwww. Nothing quite so sad as unrequited love. Harrow Online is one of my local social media communities trying to engage the 215,000 residents of this one of London’s 32 boroughs in local affairs. They fairly often do this asking us what we love or like about our corner of the metropolis and the locals are not shy in telling them what they think. Today they asked: “Can anyone guess what the major news we will be announcing for this summer is?” Not quite how I would have worded it but the responses still piling in are typical of the stuff they usually get back from a local population that seems to be grinning and bearing life on the far northwestern edge of London rather than enjoying it:

“Open a few more chicken shops”

“You will clean up Wealdstone of all the drug dealers and all the rubbish that hang out there”

“It’s been decided to close all the chicken shops and make the centre of town into one big chicken superstore”

“They are going to build houses entirely out of bottles and cans pulled out of hedges and flowerbeds stuck together with sticky paan scraped off street corners and insulated with tons of chicken boxes?”

“The Olympics are moving from Rio to Harrow?”

“They will actually fix the pot holes and clean the streets and stop ripping residents off?”

“The Civic Centre will be blown up in a controlled demolition for all of us to celebrate.”

“Harrow is still the Tuberculosis capital of the U.K.?”

“Harrow Council are closing down street cleaning services completely to save the £5.99 they spend annually?”

“Harrow will be bulldozed out of existence to make way for airport expansion plans?”

And these were just some of the kinder responses. Life sure has changed here on Walton’s Mountain. Just don’t ask us all to name a boat.

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