Exiting before Brexiting

imageThis is not a political post. It’s not about expressing any political views and not intended to influence others. This is an important moment in history for my country, the most important to my mind since the decision to enter WW2. Ironically, looking at cross media and international coverage over recent months it could be argued that the UK is about to vote on on whether or not to kick-start Armageddon in 17 days time.

I studied history for my degree and it would be wrong of me not to record on my blog/diary how I feel at this unique historical time and the plain truth is that I’m worried, which ever way things turn out. My stomach was knotted on the day the Scots voted on whether to leave or stay in the Union of the United Kingdom recently. I care much about this country. Ironically, one of the fall outs of this vote may see a highly acrimonious and uncertain replay of that scenario. My stomach is knotted again today and has been for a while.

It’s not just that worries me. I think as a nation we are still very much in denial even despite the wall to wall, brow beating coverage and I’m very possibly in that denial camp too. Even though I know how we have arrived at this point, being an avid news addict, I still can’t get my head around the enormity of this happening.

In my head, I see two immediate post Referendum scenarios: we choose to remain in the EU and it will soon be business as normal except in the Tory/Governing Party, which will sink into civil war. The other is that we choose to leave and the world as we knew it for us and everyone else has gone, so all the world’s leaders, pan-global economic organisations to anyone who is anyone suggest.

In three years time Facebook will remind me of the day I posted this blog as a point in time of my life’s history. What will the world be like then? What form will my country have then? What impact did my vote make then?

I haven’t yet decided how I will vote, despite what I post, like or share on social media wherever I’m present. I take this event seriously and it weighs me down to the point I honestly think I may not know how I will vote until I’m in the ballot booth at this moment of writing with 17 days to go. I don’t want my vote to be based on emotions or political dogma and for that reason, I think it will go down to the wire for me as I consider and meditate.

Time to quit some parts of social media for a while until this is over. I don’t want to know your voting intentions and I will not publish mine. For that reason I will quit Facebook soon for a while that is the only social media I’m part of that matters.

However we vote and with whatever passion, conviction and drive we have behind our beliefs, we need one country post June 23rd 2016.

We will need to build it together, either as an EU member state or not.

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