Name: Ian-Luke

Age:  Classified

Current location: London, United Kingdom

Occupation: Corporate Account Manager in UK charity sector


Sixty Second Interview:

Q: Ian? Luke?

A: Either and both.

Q: So what part of the British charity sector?

A: Right at the heart of it working for its largest membership body

Q: So how long have you been blogging?

A: Since April 2011

Q: and what made you start?

A: To overcome my fear of filling a blank screen with my own thoughts.

Q: You reckon you are any good at it?

A: It makes happy if I know one person has read my stuff. My blog is just an occasional creative vent, like my (proper) cooking is.

Q: So what’s your blog about then?

A: Some blogs set out with a clear direction and subject matter. Others just evolve. Mine is one of those. Some posts will interest others some won’t. But for me the main thing is that the blockage to writing anything at all for so many years has been cleared and I guess I write as much for me as others, probably more so.

Q: OK jolly good.  One last question…can you lend me £10?

A: Bollocks.

Q: Oh.  OK.  Sorry to have troubled you (you stuck up, self-centered, podgy, artistically inept prick…)


(A: That wasn’t 60 seconds. I feel cheated.

Q: Go screw.)


The views expressed in the published blogs throughout this site are my own views except where I have quoted others or been hacked.











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