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Good News Bulletin 001

imageI don’t know about anyone else but I occasionally need a complete news fast, especially after a week of such appalling news as we have just had. That’s pretty much impossible for someone working in media and who is a news junkie. I’m not on Twitter to find or communicate with friends; I just want news and information. Yet among all those mostly negative news stories, I do come across some that warm the cockles and curls the corners of my lips upwards so I thought I’d share just 4 that made me smile this week.

Lost Wedding ring Found after 40 years

imageThis was covered on the national news last night. A couple got married 40 years ago. They were not rich being humble farm labourers. He had spent all his wages to buy her the wedding ring. After they returned from Honeymoon, she was back out in the fields harvesting potatoes when the ring slipped off her finger. No amount of searching by her or her colleagues turned up the thing and so it vanished from her life. The couple have spent decades returning to the field to look for the ring until finally one day they met a guy out metal detecting in the same field and well you can watch the rest for yourself here. OK, perhaps the search could have been a lot shorter had they taken up metal detecting in the first place, assuming they could afford it, but this story made more of an impression on me for its unmentioned comment on their strong and dedicated marriage in a modern age in which giving up and throwing away seems to be the norm in some societies.

European Brown Bears on the Rise

imageIn the same week that predicted dire consequences for all of us on this planet due to global warming and climate change came news that when man puts his mind to be good stewards of Creation as he was given charge to be…good things can happen. A report published this week revealed increases in Europe’s bear, lynx, eagle and vulture populations over the last 50 years due to curbs on hunting and wildlife protection measures. Shame that global warming and climate change might sweep them all away in a flood yet, but hey still welcome good news! Full story here.

22 Reasons to be Cheerful

image“I wanted to do something big to show that helping others has a contagious rewarding feeling that comes with it,” Sadlon told the Setonian. “I wanted to make a difference, even if for one day.” 22 year old student nurse Hillary Sadlon from New Jersey, USA, spent 6 months preparing for her 22nd birthday. Her planning was not towards a big party but to prepare 22 acts of kindness that would take her, her best friend and her boyfriend 10 hours and travelling to 5 cities to complete. American news people got hold of the story and tracked Hillary down. When asked why she did it she just said:
“Your birthday is supposed to be a happy day. That’s what it was. Making someone else smile makes you want to smile.” And she did make me smile. Full story here.

Invited to the Un Wedding

imageWhen your daughter decides to cancel a much planned for wedding just weeks before she is due to take her vows, you’d think it would be her parents’ worst nightmare. Well it was until the nightmare literally turned into a revelation…to press on with the wedding reception and change the guest list from friends and family to 200 homeless strangers. The Fowlers from Atlanta, Georgia decided to do just that by donating the full reception to the charity for the homeless their daughter had volunteered for starting what may now become an annual event. We are not told why the daughter cancelled the wedding, but then this is meant to be a good news story and only she knows the full extent of the good news. Full story here.