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How to free up 8GB memory on your iPad instantly

imageiPhoto for iPad is the best photo editing app I’ve come across so far and ranks among my top 5 ‘do not delete’ apps (and I have many dozens). Or at least I used to think that way.

It has two main down sides: it is very wearing on the battery and it uses an incredible amount of memory space. The frustrating thing is, that there is no easy way to delete photos from iPhoto. The app will carry mirror images of every photo on your camera roll and store them in the app, so in effect you have two camera roll libraries. In fact you have even more. iPhoto also keeps a library of your edited shots, apart from your camera roll and it also has something called ‘photo stream’ which collects your edited shots for use as a slide show. More memory lost. This morning my iPhoto app had accrued 8GB of memory.

Today I ran out of memory on my pad. Went into settings to see what was using all the memory and what I could delete to free up some. Got rid of numerous apps I just don’t use but nothing that opened the tiniest hole on the memory usage. The main three offenders using up gigabytes of memory were in order my music, my camera roll and iPhoto.

imageSo having met the frustration of not being able to delete photos from iPhoto, I Googled for a solution and found that others shared my dilemma. The solutions offered were long and laborious. There had to be a simpler way. What if I just deleted the iPhoto app and re-Installed it? So I did – and got back 8GB of memory instantly. A word of caution here about doing anything like this or deleting from you camera roll, which I also did. I highly recommend installing the Dropbox app, which I have had for some months and which automatically saves every photo in your camera roll over a wifi connection. Yes a combination of your camera roll, Dropbox and iPhoto takes a heavy toll on memory space but as I proved today, deleting and re-installing iPhoto solves a huge problem. The great thing about Dropbox is that you can delete photos within the app. Oh…and if you don’t know what Dropbox is, it’s a way of storing photos and documents in the global data cloud. You can download anything back to your device anytime and should your device be lost or broken, everything in Dropbox remains safe and you can access it from any other device.

One final tip on using iPhoto, which I still highly recommend, is to turn off the photostream, which you can do in settings. You won’t need it.