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The legacy of Anders Breivik lives on

I was browsing around YouTube today looking at video coverage of the London 2012 Opening Ceremony.   I was particularly looking for footage of the Irish team parading into the stadium.  Don’t ask me why. I’m sad like that.    Anyway, I found a clip and believe it or not it was of all the teams that began with the letter ‘I’ marching in. How weird is that?

There they all were…Iceland….India….Indonesia…Iran…Iraq…Ireland…………..Italy.  Huh?   Am I missing something?  This video clip certainly was.  There is one more country listed under ‘I’ that I remember myself seeing in the parade: Israel.   I played the video back to check.  Sure enough, between Ireland and Italy whoever posted the video up had cut out the Israeli team.  Why?   So I started to investigate.

Over the footage I could hear what sounded like a Nordic language TV commentary being spoken.  I went onto the YouTube channel of the person who had posted up the video and discovered he was a Norwegian of Indonesian origin.  Whether an immigrant to Norway or born and bred there was unclear.  But is was clear from his profile that he lives in Norway.  Well, that would explain why he would have a clip of only the countries beginning with ‘I’.  Interestingly he has no clip of the Norwegian team.  It is also clear that he is a Muslim.  Not surprising seeing as Indonesia is the world’s most populous Islamic nation.

I felt a sense of rage on my discovery of this video and immediately went to post him a few choice thoughts of my own…only I need a Gmail account first and I hate Gmail. The next best thing I can do is write this blog and somehow post him the link. Why my outrage?  Well anyone following this blog will know that I have an interest in Israel and the Jewish people.  But is was not so much because of yet more evidence I found that would indicate obsessive hatred of Israel seems to be a cornerstone of Islam as a faith…but because I discovered this happening in Norway, the land of Anders Behring Breivik.  He who slaughtered nearly a hundred of his fellow countrymen in July 2011 – barely a year ago – due to his racial, cultural and religious hatred.   Yet here we have in the wake of that tragic event evidence of deep-seated hatred toward others no different from that Breivik manifested in my oppinion.

How widespread the views of this one person are held within his community can only be guessed at and every country has its extremists and radicals.  My hope and belief is that it is not that prevalent in a country as tolerant and free as Norway.  But it needs to be kept a watch on otherwise all it will do is give rise to more Breiviks from whichever extremity.